WHat we plan to do ?

Our Goals


a) Translate the four books into Hindi once funding is secured.  

b) Train teachers and evaluate the curriculum as a pilot project in Chandigarh. This will include engagement of parents in students health education.

c) Partner with department of education in Chandigarh to make Health Education a mandatory subject.

d) Write the Health Education books and teacher’s manuals for all class levels i.e. Class I-XII. 

e) Scale up to different States and Union Territories. Make health education mandatory in every school and grade level in India.

Our timeline

2016-19: Development of the health education curriculum and printing of student books and teacher manuals for Classes 6 & 7 in English and Hindi.

2019-21: Evaluation of the effectiveness of the health education curriculum among Class 6 & 7 students in India. 

2020-21: Influence the department of education to make Health education a mandatory subject. 

2021-2023: Write Health Education student workbooks and Teachers manuals for all class levels. 

2023 onwards: Influence the State governments and Union Territories to adopt the curriculum and make Health Education a mandatory subject across all schools.