What have we done ?

Developed Health Education Standards


We have developed Knowledge and Skill  Standards for Health Education of Indian students.

In order that children develop and maintain healthy behaviours, we need to provide students with knowledge and help them develop healthy behaviour skills. These are addressed in the Health Education Standards. Standards in other countries were reviewed to develop these standards. They are designed for Indian youth. They provide the framework for the curriculum development, instruction and student assessment. 

Knowledge standards:

 Students will comprehend:

1. What is health and the reason why it is important to have good health. 

2 .Various types of diseases and injuries.  

3. The modifiable behaviours like diet and exercise and non-modifiable factors like genes that impact health.

4. Concepts related to each health topic. 

Skill Standards: 

Students  will demonstrate the ability: 

1. To set overall personal health goals. 

2. To use decision making and personal communication skills to improve health.  

3 .To analyze the influence of family, peers and media on health behaviours. 

4. To incorporate health enhancing behaviours in their daily lives. 

5. To be an advocate and help improve the health of others.

Developed Health Education books for Classes VI and VII


We have written and printed Health Education Student Workbooks and Teachers Manuals for Class 6 & 7.

The following books have been written in English, translated into Hindi and printed in both languages.  The funding for these  books was provided by a District Grant from Rotary Club of Canon CIty. 

  1. “On the way to being Healthy”. Workbook for Class VI
  2. “On the way to being Healthy”. Teacher’s Manual for Class VI
  3. “On the way to being Healthy”. Workbook for Class VII
  4. “On the way to being Healthy”. Teacher’s Manual for Class VII

Following is the list of chapters in each book. 

They cover topics relating to 

Physical, Mental and Social Health.

 What does it mean to be healthy? 

Why is it important to have good health? Different types of diseases and injuries

What affects your health?

Goal setting

Decision making


Hygiene and Sanitation

Physical Activity

TobaccoAlcohol and drugs


Reproductive Health

Vision, dental and auditory health




Self-esteem and values

Emotions and stress




Developed Anti-tobacco DVD for youth


We have produced an anti-tobacco DVD for Indian youth titled " A Heavy Price".  

In 2007, we produced this anti-tobacco DVD called "A Heavy Price" with support from Medtronic Inc. It targets the Indian youth population. The original DVD was in English. With WHO funding and help from Hriday Foundation, it was translated into several languages and is being used as part of health education initiative in over 500 schools in India.

If you need copy of the DVD, please contact us.