About Us

Our Mission


Improve the health of youth in India 

Our Strategy


Make health education mandatory from Class I-XII in every school in India.

Why is this important?


The dream of every nation is that its youth become healthy & productive members of society and realize their full potential. The biggest opportunity is to impact the health habits of youth while they are in their formative years. A majority of Indian children grow up with unhealthy lifestyle habits. Schools are an ideal setting for health education. Improving youth health has also been shown to improve children’s academic performance. Our focus, therefore, is to fill this need of teaching health and creating a culture of health in schools. 

Management Team

Rahul Mehra PhD


Rahul was born in Delhi. He received his bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and his PhD in Bio-Medical Engineering in USA in 1975. He worked as a research scientist in hospitals and then in medical industry.  He was granted over 75 patents on various medical technologies and has authored over 90 manuscripts and 24 book chapters. 

Shalini Behl (Board Member)

Shalini Bahl has over 15 years experience in Marketing Communications, Digital Marketing, and Busine

Shalini Bahl has over 15 years of experience in Marketing Communications, Digital Marketing, and Business Development. She has worked with leading advertising and design agencies in Dubai and Delhi. 
She has a special interest in promoting education and health in the social service sector.

Sukriti Thakur (Board Member)


Sukriti is a medical student in India. She is a proponent of holistic health. She believes in achieving optimal physical, mental and social health with simple, effective and efficient means.